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We got featured on OverClocked Remixes!

Our remix of the Gabriel Knight main theme from Synths of the Fathers was featured on the illustrious OverClocked website.

Some choice comments by the judges:

You’ve extended the running time by about 3 times the source’s length, whilst keeping the arrangement and instrumentation similar enough to be clearly recognisable, and each section has a decent build that ends in a satisfying way. Can’t ask for more than that!

this is a really nice job overall. you really stuck with the 90s vibe throughout, and even if it’s a bit long in some places and has repetitive ideas in some others, i think as a whole it’s a great product. nice work.

Very cool concept to turn this arrangement into dark EDM, and I dig the mixture of 7/8 & 4/4 time carried over from the original; gotta give credit as well for using all of the elements of the source tune, but not structuring it in the same way and letting the transitions breathe.

Needless to say, we’re gushing. Being featured on OCR is quite an honor and we’re very happy for the kind words.

There’s still a handful of Synths vinyls available on the Qrates page, if you want one.

Full write-up | Judge’s comments

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