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A reimagining of the classic soundtracks
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What is Error 47?

Error 47 plays industrial-rock/EBM with a particular affinity for early-to-mid 1990s MS-DOS sounds, such as the AdLib and SoundBlaster sound cards.

Their latest album, “C:\DOS>RUN,” features 10 tracks of classic DOS game soundtracks re-imagined in an industrial-rock style.

They have previously released two remix albums of popular DOS-era soundtracks (“Gabriel Knight: Synths of the Fathers” and “Duke Duke Dance Party“), contributed to Gabriel Knight composer Robert Holmes’ album “Sequel,” written a full-length score to Turbochimp’s upcoming remake of Space Quest III, and released an album of original music entitled “Ground One.”

The responsible parties are Troels Pleimert (drums, synths, arrangements, production) and Jon Paul Sapsford (guitars, production, mixing, mastering).

Special thanks to Bountice for hosting us!